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What is expected of a head coach for BLL?

Coaching Expectations

Coaching Responsibilities

This is not an exhaustive list of your duties but it should give you a good snapshot


• Coaches will be responsible for making sure that their team has at least 6 volunteers that complete and pass the background check (This is a District 19 rule for 2023)
• Coaches will be asked to respond to emails from the league in a timely manner and provide any requested information within any requested timelines
• Coaches should plan to hold at least one 1.5-2 hour practice per week (tee ball and rookie should plan for 1 hour practices)
• Coaches should utilize the resources provided on the BLL website to help them with rules and other needed information. In addition, BLL has a Board Member that will serve as the Coaching Coordinator that will help coaches with practice plans, drills and with setting up any additional clinics that coaches can attend.
• BLL is not in a position to provide practice equipment for teams at this time. When utilizing the Jumbo Evans, teams are allowed to use batting cages, nets, pitching machines and tees as desired provided they take care of the equipment properly
• BLL will provide each team a full set of catcher’s gear and batting helmets upon request. Coaches will provide a $100 deposit to insure that equipment is returned in good working order. Any additional equipment (practice balls, throw down bases, etc.) will need to be provided by the coaches. 

• Coaches are expected to attend all player evaluation sessions that apply or could potentially apply to their division (tee ball and rookie divisions will not have evaluations). Dates are listed on the BLL website
• Coaches should plan to attend their division draft and be familiar with the draft rules and procedures. These rules and procedures are listed on the BLL website
• Coaches will be asked to procure a team sponsorship of at least $500 to help the league with expenses required for capital improvements and general costs needed to run the league. Typically, someone on your team will have a sponsor that they can help with. The benefits of each level of sponsorship are listed on the BLL website
• Sponsors must be turned in approximately two weeks following the announcement of the rosters in order to make sure the sponsor name makes it onto the uniforms and appropriate signage can be secured. This is a quick turnaround so thinking ahead would be beneficial.
• Teams will be assigned one practice slot at Jumbo Evans during the preseason timeframe. Once games begin, teams will be required to practice offsite, as all fields will be full of games. Some options for practice locations are:
o Bulverde City Park
o Bullis Park
o Several area churches have backstops
o Several area neighborhoods have backstops
o DBAT Boerne will allow rentals
o The area elementary schools typically have backstops
o Jumbo Evans typically will have open time slots on Sundays during the season but must be     reserved in advance


• Teams will have in-game responsibilities for each game related to field set up/clean up and          scorekeeping. These duties are listed on the BLL website and are mandatory.
o Scorekeepers/pitch counters will be provided a tutorial video to help with questions

In-Game Tips:

• Plan ahead- Coaches should already know if they are home or away and what those pre/post-        game responsibilities are including pregame set up and post-game clean up. If you do not know,    the rules are posted under the coaches tab on the website and have been updated. It would be a   very good idea to direct parents to those as well to avoid potential conflicts due to the lack of     understanding  and for ALL coaches to go back over them.
• Designate in-game assignments before you get to the park. If people know they are keeping the   score book, setting up the field, keeping pitch count etc. ahead of time it will save you from     scrambling at the last minute
• If you don't know what the field set up should look like ask for help from the Board Member on   Duty (BMOD)
• Write your lineups out the night before and determine your defensive rotations ahead of time
• Once the game starts make sure you know who needs to be dressed out as catcher for the next   inning as soon as possible. Dressing the catcher quickly and utilizing the courtesy runner should   get you at least 1 additional inning worth of time each game.
• Make sure you tell parents when and where to be prior to the game, don't assume everyone can   read the schedules
• Get confirmation that players will be at the game at least 24 hours ahead of time
• In the divisions where it is applicable please make the scores/pitch counts get turned in on time
• If you have an issue with how the other team is coaching their players have a conversation in     private with the other team instead of causing a scene
• Only background checked adults can be on the field at any time
• Understand how many adults are allowed in the dugout for your particular division. We can't   have 5-6 people in a dugout. Tee Ball, Rookie, Machine and Coach Pitch get 4 coaches in-game   and all kid pitch divisions can have 3. No non-players can be in the dugouts. There should be BLL   Board Members checking on this, please do not make us remove someone as most people will     take it better from their head coach.
• Understand that there will be missed calls.


Several Divisions will utilize one-man umpire crews or inexperienced umpires. This is done to help grow the youth umpiring pool making it easier to get games covered. Coaches are expected to exercise a calm and reasonable demeanor when on the field. In the event that an incident occurs during a game that a coach feels is being handled incorrectly, the coach should request a time out and ask the umpire to contact the Board Member on Duty (BMOD) to help settle the situation.

Coaches should consider completing the umpire evaluation form located on the BLL website to help with training and continuing education for the league’s umpires.

Judgement calls made by umpires are not grounds for a protest, for example balls, strikes, fair or foul and safe or out calls.

Failure to abide by the pitch count restrictions by a coach can result in a one-game suspension on the first instance and escalate from that point.

Coaches will be required to submit scores (all divisions above Rookie) and pitch counts (as applicable) within 24 hours of the completion of their game.

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