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What is the difference between League Age and Actual Age?

Little league utilizes a specific criteria when it comes to which division kids are eligible to participate in. If you are unclear as to your child's League Age please see the link below.

League Age Calculator

Does BLL require any experience to register?

There is no requirement that a player have any experience to register. In all divisions above Rookie League players are placed on teams via the draft process. Experience helps a player in the evaluations but will not keep them from being placed on a team.

What days are practices?

The coaches set the practice schedules for each team.  The league does not dictate when/where a team practices. Each team is required to offer at least one practice per week. As you advance to older divisions you should expect practice frequency to increase.  Requests to practice on a particular day will not be honored. Younger groups (Tee Ball/Rookie) typically only practice once a week for approximately 1 hour.

Where are practices held?

Coaches will be afforded the opportunity to hold one practice per week at Jumbo Evans. Once games begin the fields will be utilized for games and practice locations could change. The times and locations are at the discretion of the head coach. Requests to practice at a particular location will not be honored.

Can I request to placed on a team that practices on a specific day?

Requests to be placed on teams that practice on a particular day of the week will not be honored, participants should be flexible as it relates to practices. Each head coach will determine where and when they practice during the season.

What days are games held?

The Tee Ball and Rookie Divisions play the majority of their games on Saturdays beginning at 8:00 am and spread throughout the day.  Occasionally there will be a Friday night game for these divisions. No team has a set time/day that they play each week. Game days and times are distributed as evenly as possible.
The Coach Pitch Softball/Machine Pitch Baseball divisions will typically play one weeknight game starting at 6 or 6:30 and one game on Saturday at times spread out throughout the day. Provided weather does not impact the schedule teams will play no more than two games per week.

The Minors Kid-Pitch Softball/Baseball divisions will typically play two games per week. Weeknight games will start at 6-6:30. Occasionally it will be necessary for these divisions to play games starting at 7:30.

Majors Softball/Baseball will typically play games on weeknights Mon-Fri. Games could start as late as 7:30. Teams could be scheduled for double headers as needed. Provided weather does not impact the schedule teams will play no more than two games per week.

Juniors should expect to travel to different league facilities and prepare for game times that vary depending on the league.

Games could be played every day with the exception of Sundays once the season begins. In the event that weather starts pushing games, Sundays could become an option as well.

What if my child doesn't make a team?

All registered players will be placed on a team regardless of skill or experience. Players should make every effort to attend the player evaluations so that they can be placed accordingly. 

What equipment is provided? What equipment are parents required to provide?

Bulverde Little League will provide a uniform jersey and cap/visor for each player. All other equipment should be provided by the parent. Items that are typically required include but are not limited to the following:

Batting Helmet which meets LL safety requirements LL Helmet Requirements
Baseball/Softball Glove
Rubber-soled cleats (not required but recommended for most divisions)
Baseball/Softball Pants, Socks and a Belt (color and a style will be designated by the head coach after teams have been announced)
If you choose to buy your player a baseball bat it must have a USA Baseball stamp on it Bat Information
If you choose to buy your player a softball bat it must be stamped with BPF 1.20

Catcher's gear will be provided to each team, however if you provide your own catcher's gear it must have a dangling throat guard attached.

Our partner's at Dick's Sporting Goods have a helpful checklist as well. Tips from DSG

Can I request a certain coach?

Coach requests are honored in the Tee Ball and Rookie leagues. All divisions higher than Rookie will be subject to a draft process.

Are siblings able to be placed on the same team?

The short answer is yes, if siblings (or cousins) are playing in the same division they will be placed on the same team unless otherwise requested.

I signed my child up for a certain division, why weren't they placed there?

Teams above the Tee Ball and Rookie Divisions are created by the draft process. In order to be in a certain division players must demonstrate the ability to perform at the same skill level as others in the division. This is typically done at the player evaluation day. The draft determines where your child is placed and not where you register them.

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